Orofacial Pain Treatment

Are you struggling with tension in your face, neck or mouth? You may be suffering from oral health issues like TMJ disorder or burning mouth syndrome. If you would like to learn about finding orofacial pain treatment in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas, you can contact us at 501-922-1045 today. Ask to meet with our dentists, either Dr. Larry Powell or Dr. Robert Hodous, and set up a consultation with us here at Village Dental Group!

Orofacial pain deals with tension or dysfunction that can occur in your head, face and mouth. This tension can be associated with several different health issues depending on your situation. If orofacial pain is hindering you from many of your daily activities, like eating and talking, then your pain may be related to TMJ syndrome.

Other conditions associated with orofacial pain may include sleep disorders, trauma, migraines or burning mouth syndrome. As you meet with our dentists, we can help you determine the cause of your orofacial pain through a thorough examination. Depending on the cause, we can help you find the proper path of treatment suited to your situation.

For more information regarding orofacial pain treatment, we invite you to contact us today and schedule a consultation with our excellent dentists!